Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You just gotta get ANGRY.

"The world wants to be thin and healthy, but they don't want to earn it."

Not only that, they don't want to believe it is their choice, so they cover their eyes and plug their ears and scream "la-la-la-la-la-la-la I can't hear you!" and take another bite of that steak and wait for their red wine to save them.

Society will walk for a cure until the cows come home, but don't ask them to eat a veggie unless it is already 100% proven and guaranteed in writing to prevent cancer or forget it. But we'll throw back handfuls of experimental pills and shoddily produced new drugs rushed through the FDA's "safety" screening procedures as quickly as possible. We'll take packettes full of supplements and vitamins and extracts and mix isolates into sugar drinks for good health like they are going out of style...(which in most cases, isn't so far from the truth) even when the labels openly say they do NOT treat, cure or prevent anything.

"PROOF!...said the food genie. And all was well in candyland again. "

...and yet when confronted with living proof in lieu of scientific proof based on what the Average American *thinks* is scientific proof (read: aired on FOX News or some baloney like that) aka living proof like me for example, a person who has beat medical problems (acne, eczema, migraines, sleep disorder, severe allegies, back pain, IBS) and weight problems (-45 lbs in 5 mo!) alike after many devastating years of anguish and hopelessness (so I thought) I am dismissed because I don't PROVE anything. I am so sick of hearing the world "PROVE" in responses to my transformation and lifestyle choices!

Then it hit me. The defensiveness that exists in this world is NOT the fault of the resister, it is the fault of the drug. The food.

"That people would stare living proof in the face and dismiss it and resent it even for existing to me, screams what a cupcake would say if it could talk."

Or maybe that was the pot roast oinking back, I don't know. LOL "You're crazy and I invalidate your attempt to exist amongst me because I haven't been PROVEN to hurt you! You love me, I taste great! I make you feel GOOOOOD! Moderation is key, right? They could have gotten their health problems to spontaneously resolve, all of them, by many variables none of which has been proven to be eating a plant-based diet."

I don't want to try to convince those who truly don't want to be healthy that they should be, nor do I insist that it is impossible for someone to be healthy if they eat whatever they want, hey, some people's bodies seem to do just fine no matter what they do to themselves! I do mind though, when those angry foods come back to haunt me in the form of people who eat them being defensive. I know it is my job to avoid that defensiveness and always present myself in a way that does not blame or shame, but sometimes it feels like no matter how hard I try to mingle with people who don't eat like I do, on the topic of food anyways, I end up getting bitten by the cupcake instead of the other way around! And folks, I am tired of those darn cupcakes biting at my ankles!

So, this letter is for all the food out there I shall personify and address, just because I want to and this is my blog and I can! hehehe


Dear SAD Food,  (Standard American Diet)

YOU are awful! You lure us in with unbelievable flavors that stimulate us like drugs, making us into legalized socially encouraged addicts. You have convinced us to defend you and teach even our children how nourishing you are even while you continue to hurt and injure us publicly, young and old alike, with a ferocious vigor I detest. You say you only want to make us feel good, but after we eat you, and feel overly full and uncomfy, get too fat for our clothes, develop medical problems and perhaps have a heart attack or two, we somehow cannot stop ourselves from indulging again and again. We cannot imagine a life without you, all the while, our lives are slipping through our fingers like sand because of you whether in the form of depleting health or you stealing our joy when we look in the mirror and feel disgust for what we see doesn't match who we feel we are inside...until even worse, it finally does. I am so ANGRY with you, I never want to see you again. You are like the abusive spouse who hits it's mate, apologizes, then tells their victim they dare not ever leave them because they'll never find anyone who will love them more. Bah.

Don't bother calling, I won't answer.
Your ex-lover,  ME



I remember the night I became a nutritarian so vividly. I cried for HOURS. I was very overweight, sad, a fraction of who I had the potential to be, in the prime of my youth and wasting it over cheeseburgers! I found a photo that night of myself in the past, when I was younger and thin, and just burst into tears. Then, I felt an answer to a prayer and the urge to go pick up a book that I had already owned for TWO YEARS and only had read the intro and closed it, knowing that it asked of me what I would not give up at that point in my journey. I felt a new strength. I WAS SPITTING MAD and ready to do something about it.

That's the hook line and sinker here, folks. You HAVE to get MAD! You have to get ANGRY! Then and only then, I believe, you will be ready to accept and embrace what is broken so that you may fix it.