Friday, July 1, 2011

My Daily Breakfast: The Green (Purple) Smoothie

Hello to you and Good Morning!

I have been posting an awful lot on my favorite topic, nutritarian baking (oh yes, once a baker always a baker) but gosh, I have been reminded that you all might want to know more about my everyday life! I certainly don't bake every day, but it does make my life blissful indeed when I do. It also makes me feel blissful when I wake up, put on my jeans in the morning as the sun is rising around 5am full of energy and vigor where I used to be comatose, look in the mirror, and see a svelte 114lb reflection! Another reason being a nutritarian is awesome! I cannot sing it's praises enough, nor will I ever be able to thank Dr. Fuhrman enough for what his tireless efforts within his books and online community has done for my life. I will never be the same! I love being fit and healthy and happy! Onward.

Almost every morning, I have one of these. When I go on vacation, I bring my vitamix. It is that important. It is a rare morning that I don't, unless I can't find the ingredients temporarily. Life overseas does that to a person occasionally! I always feel off if I don't get my green smoothie in first thing! Though I hate hate HATE having cold things for breakfast, I am a warm girl at heart and love me a hot breakfast something fierce, once again, the way these make me feel for the rest of the day is worth the trade off. If I absolutely cannot tolerate the cold, I can have some delicious apple crepes on the side maybe? I don't want this blog to be entirely about recipes though, this is the whole she-bang. The mindset. The inspirations. Just...life. I don't want to follow any model in particular, I just want to share me, raw and uncut. No froo froo fluffy exterior, I am a real person and I hope I convey that in my writings. Without further ado, here is the nom nom recipe!

Jemoiselle's Green (Purple) Breakfast Smoothie


1 1/2c Frozen Blueberries
1 Frozen Banana 
1 Tbsp Ground Flax Seeds
1/4-1/2c water or homemade almond milk
1 tsp Homemade Vanilla (no sugar, chemicals or HFCS)
3-5 oz Baby Spinach, packed in the blender to the top (Interchangeable with watercress or kale)

Blend up in vitamix or other insanely powerful blender, enjoy in a frozen mug!

I kind of just throw this together each day, paying no mind to measuring. Those measurements are my best guess at what I do most of the time. You can add or subtract what you want until it works for you :)
On the bananas, every week I buy a huge bunch of bananas from a private supplier, let them age till very ripe, chop them up and freeze them for this smoothie. It works so well! I stand the chopped pieces up on their "ends" to really make efficient use of my small freezer.

Perhaps sometime soon I will post about the homemade vanilla and almond milk. Both are ridiculously easy to make and replace two very unhealthy items still used in most Nutritarian/Vegan/Whole Foodist kitchens, unaware or accepting of their folly due to having "no other option". I am so happy I finally started making my own! Purist at heart, I am. Of course, if you don't/won't/can't make your own, the alternative is still better than eating SAD food exclusively so you can still be happy knowing you are doing well for yourself.

Everyone have a great week, see you around!