Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Secret Weapon Series: Like sugar a latte? (Part 1 of 3)

Hey you guys! I've missed you! Ok, as promised, here we go! I am so pumped up excited about this series, because it is going to introduce you to three products I use on a daily basis that make my life as a nutritarian absolutely blissful and joyous dare I say. Let's get to it! I want you all to know also, I received no incentives, free product of any kind, or rewards for this from Harney & Sons. I do hope they see it though! I love them so much, they add so much spice to my life! ;P

Secret Weapon #1 is:           (drumroll please)


I wrote a review many moons ago of this tea, after I first discovered it being sold in a local Mom & Pop coffee shop. I absolutely cannot promote this tea enough, because folks, it actually tastes like it has sugar in it flavor and texture wise, but it does NOT I assure you, nor does it contain any artificial sweeteners. It also goes by the name of Hot Cinnamon Sunset so don't be confused if you see two names on their website. It's taste is so incredible! It reminds me of a grown up version of a cinnamon jolly rancher, only, with incredible depth and a silky mouthfeel. I have tasted the green tea version and the black tea version and love them both equally. You can still read my full review of the teas on the product website pages. I go by Jemoiselle there, too. Wink.

It is au natural baby! Three types of cinnamon, sweet cloves, orange peel and your choice of black, green or herbal tea equals fabulous! You can also order it decaffeinated, but as many of you know, drinking decaf anything is a risky choice due to the chemicals that are used to remove the caffeine being potentially dangerous. When you go to such lengths to protect your health, one tends to err on the side of caution! The Herbal version is naturally caffeine free, by the way.

I have always appreciated tea, but honestly, did not consider myself a big tea drinker. When I go for a hot mug of something, I am seeking comfort. Before life as I am now, I would go for hot cocoa or mochas and completely snub my nose at the prospect of ordering tea over those creamy sweet drinks. Now, of course, mochas and hot cocoa are off the menu, and this tea really makes me feel treated and pampered when I miss the coffee shop routine. I still go to coffee shops, but instead of being tempted by liquid "I don't fit into my skinny jeans anymore" I bring along one of these:

A perfectly portable cutesy little round disk of deliciousness, it comes with 5 silken satchets of Hot Cinnamon Spice tea nestled inside. It fits easily in your purse, and you can refill it with their bulk bags like I do, so you always have a sweet hot beverage when you're out and temptation comes knocking on your door! Everyone will ooh and aah at the aroma, I guarantee it. In my first photo I actually used the empty tin to show off the loose tea version, but I need to stress it does NOT come with loose tea in it! I did that for display only. It comes like the photo immediately above this text. It is inexpensive also, so just in case you're not quite sure you are ready to buy a big bag you can try it with this! I promise you though, if you buy only this, you will go through all of it in a couple days and mope around until your bulk order arrives lol. Don't end up kicking yourself in the behind, just buy a pretty tin AND the tagalong!


I always wondered what the difference was between the Green Hot Cinnamon blend and the Hot Cinnamon Spice Black Tea blend. Well, here it is for your viewing pleasure! Note that they both really have the same amount of spice, orange peel bits and sweet cloves. My photo makes it look like the green tea has more, it doesn't! The back tea version is the one on the bottom, closest to the lens. The green tea is the one on top, of course right? Hehe. I love these teas so much, they are such a pleasure to brew loose. You'll also notice in my photo my loose tea filter, which I also got from Harney & Sons. It can be found here on their site. I love that it is made of stainless steel mesh, it can be used for coffee or tea, and is completely dishwasher safe. The lid doubles as a resting place for the strainer once done brewing. I adore it!

Handy Dandy Link List (Just in case you didn't see the ones in the text?)

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my Secret Weapon series! Stay tuned for the next two parts of the series, where I will reveal the ultimate way to enjoy living salt-free and talk about the machine every nutritarian shouldn't have to live without! 

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