Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Secret Weapon Series: Coming Soon!

Hey everyone!

I've been thinking lately about a few products I simply cannot live without that have made my experience even more enjoyable and pleasant as a nutritarian. I think every nutritarian should know about these, and I'll be posting on each of them over the next few days depending on how my time goes. These products compliment my life as a nutritarian so much, in a lifestyle brimming full of benefits already. Pretty good, eh? Among them are:

--a salt-free seasoning that tastes salty and adds a ton of flavor to soups, raw nuts, broth, stock and even popcorn but has absolutely no salt whatsoever and no potassium or chemicals. It is all natural and blow-your-mind amazing. Nothing like it on the market! I promise you can't find anything like this at your local health food store. This is not Mrs. Dash or SPIKE, not even in the same universe!

--A delicious gourmet spice tea that naturally tastes as sweet as candy but contains NO sugar or artificial sweeteners of any kind. Period. Just tea leaves and spices! It is simply divine and calorie free, naturally. The same tea is available in three custom blends: black, green and herbal.

--A very versatile commercial quality machine (with a hefty price tag) whose functionality, incredible ease of use, quality and ability to withstand the test of time actually makes it worth the price for once!  I am no big spender either, but this one does so much for me it has paid for itself and I have owned it for 3 years plus. In addition, the company that makes it is as classy as they come, and takes GOOD care of their customers to the "nth" degree.

Keep an eye on the blog for those posts, coming soon!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just Like Campbell's Tomato Soup: Nutritarian Style!

Oh. My. Goodness.  I just found my Holy Grail of all nutritarian soups (besides my fantastic Nutritarian Chili but that is another post!) and I just have to share because all the credit does NOT belong to me! This night's post deserves a round of applause for one of my newest favorite nutritarian blogs BeStrixt! She posted the foundation of my recipe on her blog, I BARELY edited it at all so truly the glory is all hers. (and mine because I  get to eat it tonight---yum!)

Anyone who knows me knows I don't really measure ingredients when I make my soups, though I should I like the variation in taste. So, for tonight bare with me please! Sometimes, you just have to experiment and run with it!

So, I started by tossing the following into a pot on high:

salt-free tomato puree (enough to cover about 4 inches of a medium sauce pan)
four whole tomatoes, each chopped into four pieces
Four large carrots, cut into large chunks
Oregano and Thyme
1/2 lemon's juice

I boiled this until the carrots were tender, then made some roasted garlic with about 6 big cloves in the oven. It's easy! Separate garlic cloves from bunch, wrap in tin foil with paper still on, crimp shut by hand and roast in hot oven until soft  touch. I didn't even look to see how hot it was, it was in celcius anyhow so it wouldn't help me tonight!

After the carrots were soft, I scooped them out along with the big tomato pieces and pureed them in a vitamix (very high powered blender/food processor) with about 1.5 oz of raw cashews. That is about one large handful! I added that to the soup, and was so taken aback at how lovely it was I had to take a photo. I wasn't planning on posting this! This was the defining moment folks.

I turned down the heat to med/low and let simmer. I then took out the finished garlic, took off the papers, and threw them in the vitamix with about a cup of water to both puree them and get all the extra carroty-goodness off of the sides of the container. Threw that in as well, and voila! As a finishing touch, I added a tablespoon of pureed dates. Ahhh....

                                 SEAL OF APPROVAL: TODDLER APPROVED!

Savor and enjoy, guilt free, rich, creamy and worthy of a snowy day. Too bad in the Middle East there are none of those to be had! I'll just have to pretend!

A HUGE thank you to BeStrixt for this fabulous idea! You really should check out her blog, she takes being a nutritarian to the ultimate gourmet level. I love it!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nutri--what? Nutritarian, that is.

Hello my dear, and welcome to my first post here at The Blissful Nutritarian!
Why am I here, writing for you? Simple...If you are ready to change your life, I want to help you change.

I want to show you just how lovely it can be living as a Nutritarian, blissful truly, through showing you how I enjoy the foods I eat as much as I enjoy my glowingly healthy (and svelte) reflection and incredible health. Do I sound a bit conceited? I'm NOT. The truth is, I went through SO much to become healthy AND happy. I have been to the darkest corners of self-loathing, the most sorrowful moments of regret and the most ashamed humiliated nightmares of reality in my short lifetime, and I feel PROUD to have made it back to "the light" hehe. Pun intended. I have earned my health, and am VERY proud of it. You can earn yours too, I'll help you when and IF you're ready. If you're not to this level of hurt yet, I don't expect you to understand. Consider yourself lucky.

Plainly, it hurts when you are not healthy, plagued with the never ending dramas of being overweight, unhappy and out of control. It hurts us physically and emotionally, and it can take years to heal if ever. Being overweight when you don't want to be is tortuously painful, and I believe only the ones who have been through it truly understand the extent of that pain. I still carry my pain around with me, evident when I see old photos of me looking the way I did, knowing just how I felt behind the smiles and superficial masks. As the years pass as a Nutritarian, I can feel it lessening and lessening with each passing day. Still, it's there.

That should explain to you why I'm here, why I created The Blissful Nutritarian, and what I hope to accomplish with this endeavor.

1. Educate the world about what it means to be a Nutritarian
2. Assist those who are ready to CHANGE THEIR LIVES
3. Enjoy myself as I write and photograph my favorite foods!

As I said, bliss. Are you ready?